Have any of your staff had to take time off because they have lost their voice?


Have you had to engage supply teachers to cover these absences? 

Do you have teachers who are struggling on with a harsh unhealthy sounding voice in the classroom?


Have any of your staff considered early retirement because of ongoing issues with hoarseness? 

Teachers are a particularly vulnerable group of individuals when it comes to voice production. Long periods of talking often above background noise, reading stories, singing with young children, taking PE classes and many other activities can all create particular challenges for the voice. 

We see many teachers in our voice clinic with hoarseness and loss of voice which is impacting on their work. Most problems can be addressed by introducing strategies to better use the voice and education in vocal hygiene and voice care. Occasionally teachers develop more persistent problems and can even develop abnormalities such as vocal cord nodules that require intervention.

We can help!

We can offer a flexible package of education for your staff providing education in voice production, voice health and the prevention of voice disorders because of vocal misuse. We can talk to your teachers as a group, provide one to one therapy at an early stage if individuals get into difficulty and we also provide fast-track access to a consultant ear, nose and surgeon when hoarseness persists. We can also provide online practical advice when required.

For further details about our service please contact enquiries@westendvoice.co.uk