Call Centre Workers

Have any of your employees had to take time off work because they have lost their voice?

Have employees struggled with a rough voice which is unpleasant to the ear of the customer?

Have employees had to leave you because they have been unable to maintain good quality voice? 

Contact centre workers are particularly vulnerable to voice disorders because of prolonged voice use on the telephone. Hoarseness and strained voices can be unpleasant for the listener and may impact on the message that the contact centre worker is hoping to convey.

We can help your employees look after the tool of their trade – their voice!

We can help them to produce a clear, pleasant sounding and healthy voice and suggest strategies to avoid voice problems.

Our flexible packages of education cover safe voice production, voice health and the prevention of voice disorders because of vocal misuse. We can talk to your staff as a group and provide one to one therapy at an early stage if individuals get into difficulty. We can provide rapid response online practical advice when required and can also provide FastTrack access to a consultant ear, nose and surgeon when hoarseness persists.

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