The vocal cords are small


Male vocal cords are between 17mm and 25mm –roughly the width of a £1 coin. Females are smaller at 12 - 17.5mm which is smaller than a 5p coin. So tiny and yet so powerful! 

Whispering has no voice


The vocal cords vibrate when we are speaking but when we are whispering they stay still. Sometimes we might whisper a secret to someone but the habit of whispering can be harmful to the voice.

The vocal cords vibrate a lot!


To give us voice,  the vocal cords need to vibrate quickly. In fact, female vocal cords can vibrate around 200 times a minute!

The loud voice is....LOUD and loooooong!


The current world record for the loudest voice is 121 decibels which is the same as a jet engine!

 The longest spoken note is recorded at 1 min 52 seconds. This is about the same length of time needed to walk 100m at a gentle pace - imagine a single note lasting that long! 

Your vocal cords can save your life


The vocal cords don't just give us noise. They help to protect our airway so if food or drinks 'go down the wrong way'  the vocal cords will shut to stop anything going right down in to our lungs. Clever, eh??

Not everything has vocal cords


Not all mammals have vocal cords. Dolphins make noise through their nose  instead and although giraffes do have vocal cords the pitch of their voice is too low for humans to hear.