Are you an actor, broadcaster or singer who is struggling with your voice? 

Do you think your voice could be better?

Could you and your fellow performers benefit from advice in producing the optimum voice and safeguarding your future voice? 

Are you a director opening a run of shows and wish to ensure that your performers can maintain good vocals throughout the run?

Have you lost income because you or one of your performers has had to cancel commitments for voice related issues?

We can help!

We run a voice clinic where we see a considerable number of actors, singers and broadcasters who have developed hoarseness or an alteration in voice quality that has resulted in poor performances and even cancellations.

We can offer a flexible package to support individuals or groups who use their voices professionally. We can provide education on optimal voice production resulting in a voice that is strong and clear and meets the demands of the profession. We can also suggest strategies to avoid problems occurring and to support performers in the event that they encounter problems.

Our service can be tailored to your individual requirements. Please contact us at to discuss available options.